Goal: To understand the positive
qualities associated with friendship.
What to Do:
Before discussing the topic, ask students to complete the sentence:
A friend is someone who
(After the class discussion, have students write another version of the sentence.)
To start the discussion, explain to students some of the things you like about your friends. Then invite them to tell you what they like about their friends. List all responses on the chalkboard. Now ask: How do you know when someone is a friend? What is more important: How someone looks or how someone acts?
Now have students imagine they are each a new student in your class. Ask: What would you want other students to say or do? What would you say or do to make friends? Create a list of student responses.
Have students look at the Poster and read the poem. Then have each student fill in a space with a friendly greeting.
 Create a "Friendly Faces" word wall on the bulletin board. Write the words students associate with friends and friendly greetings on index cards or chart paper. Post them on a bulletin board surrounded by pictures of your students.


Follow Up:
Encourage students to use the words and greetings from the word wall in letters or stories.