Goal: To have your students become international pen pals.
What to Do:
Use Web resources to locate classes interested in corresponding with your class.
(See the Pen Pal Resources box on Lesson 1)
Discuss what your class expects from an exchange of ideas and information with a class in another part of the world. Use a world map or globe to find your correspondents' countries.
Spend some time preparing for the first exchange of letters or e-mails. Discuss how you want to introduce your class. Include your school or group name, number of students, your town or city, and country.
Send an Ambassador Bear (either a real teddy bear or one or more paper bears) to visit your pen pals. Dress your bears to represent your country, state, or region. 
Take or draw a picture of your class and send it to your pen pals.
Place copies of e-mail messages or letters from your pen pals in a special folder or box. Be sure to reply to all messages as soon as possible, and try to answer any questions that your pen pals have raised. Make a bulletin board display of questions and answers.
Follow Up:
Ask students to make a class list of questions you would like answered your new pen pals.