Goal: To have children build a sense
of identity and to respect differences

What to Do:
Copy and distribute "The Story of Me" Student Reproducible Page. Ask students to use the reproducible page to organize information for a short autobiography, "The Story of Me." They can illustrate their autobiographies with self-portraits and photographs. The autobiographies and self-portraits can be grouped as a collage on a bulletin board under the heading "We Are All Alike, We Are All Different."
Use the data from your students' "Stories of Me" to determine student preferences and attributes in the following categories: hair and eye color, favorite foods, colors, and animals. Make a bar graph showing the number of students in each category. Post your bar graph on a bulletin board.
Link this lesson to Lesson 1,"Make a Friend, Be a Friend," by creating a "Welcome to Our Class" book to hand out to the next new student or visitor who comes into the classroom. Ask each student to contribute a page about him- or herself and a self-portrait to the book. 
Follow Up:
Extend this activity by building a class Web site on which students can collect "Stories of Me" from their pen pals and from other students in your school.