The most celebrated of all Easter holiday traditions is the annual egg hunt. Kids of all ages (and even some adults!) anticipate the friendly competition every year. The only way to improve on such an exciting activity is to personalize it!

Start your own customized tradition this year by putting a unique spin on the traditional game. Try one or all of these fun Easter egg hunt ideas to really make them your own.

Glow the Extra Mile

The only unpleasant part of an egg hunt is waiting until Easter to do it. The solution? Throw out the rules and stash eggs around the house the night before with glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs! To prepare the plastic eggs for the hunt, simply activate some small glow sticks and, once they're all lit up, place one inside each egg. The eggs may be hidden ahead of time, since the glow sticks last for hours. Once the sun sets, tell your kids the Easter Bunny arrived a little early this year, and hid some special glowing prizes all over the house. Set a timer and let the kids find as many illuminated eggs as they can.

Creative Easter egg hunt ideas - like these glow in the dark eggs - are the perfect new tradition.

Hide and Go Beep

Your child may have heard of "following his nose," but he'll need to follow his ears for this fun twist on the classic Easter tradition. Instead of hiding eggs, stash a beeping bunny or other noise-making toy before sending kids to find it by following the sound. Add to the challenge by blindfolding your kids, making sure the search area is free of obstacles and tripping hazards first. Once they've found their beeping prize, kids can add it to their Easter basket stuffed with other goodies. Making kids search with a sense other than sight adds to the fun, and they'll enjoy playing "hide and go beep" long after Easter has ended.

Spread the Word

This activity rewards egg hunters with words instead of traditional sweets, something some parents will appreciate. To play, print nouns, action words, and common English phrases on paper, and fill eggs with one, two, or even three of these verbal treasures. Then, hide the eggs and set players loose! When all the eggs have been collected, have kids open them and arrange their words into a fantastical story. Award a holiday-themed prize to the young author whose work is the funniest, another prize to the one whose story teaches a lesson, and one last prize to the child whose masterpiece doesn't make any logical sense at all.

Creative Easter egg hunt ideas - like hiding words in eggs - are the perfect new tradition for memorable fun.

Creative Easter egg hunt ideas - like hiding words in eggs - are the perfect new tradition for memorable fun.

Get Some "Eggcercise"

A lazy Easter Sunday is the perfect time for the entire family get active. Combine a little physical activity with your usual hunt by filling eggs with treats and active instructions like "do 10 jumping jacks" or "crab walk until you find the next egg." At the start of the hunt, explain that when an egg is found, it must be opened instead of stashed in a basket. Then, tell the players they must perform the action written—or else! If a child opens an egg and does not perform the action written, she must give a piece of her candy to the player who found the fewest eggs.

Happy family plays a traditional game with creative Easter egg hunt ideas that incorporate physical activity.

Time-honored egg hunts are the highlight of this season for kids. When you customize the activity into imaginative Easter egg hunt ideas, the new tradition will last in your child's memory forever.