Your child is home for spring vacation and the weather is waffling between beautiful, sunny days and dreary, wet ones. Whether you're stuck indoors or spending all of your time in the fresh air, these crafty spring break activities for kids are perfect for welcoming in the new season and ensuring you and your kids have fun for hours!

  1. Flowers in Bloom Vase
    Make a beautiful vase from a spaghetti sauce jar or other glass container. Paint a spring scene pointillism-style, using little dots of paint to make a beautiful landscape. When it's dry, cover it with decoupage glue to preserve your painting. Fill it with water and fresh flowers you pick together, or take a trip to your local florist to buy a simple bouquet. Even yellow dandelions from the yard could fill your home with a pop of color!
    Glas jar painted with butterflies, flower, and sun.
  2. Creature Rock Garden
    Collect stones of assorted sizes to make a rock garden. Decorate them with paint, googly eyes, tissue paper, and pipe cleaners to make them look like bugs, flowers, and leaves. Take an empty, clean juice carton, cut off one long side, and fill it with dirt. Place your little rock creatures inside to make a spring-themed centerpiece you can play with and arrange all season long.
  3. Flap Your Wings
    Use a paper grocery bag and cut out two wing shapes. Paint a thin layer of glue on the bag and decorate the wings with scraps of tissue paper. You can do a simple block pattern, decoupage a scene from a favorite story, or just mix and match colors and shapes. When they're dry, attach some yarn to the wings so your child can wear them. Afterwards, go outside and "fly" around, observing nature with all of your senses.
    Butterfly wings with checkered design in purple, yellow, and blue.
  4. Paper Flower Wreath
    Use tissue paper or construction paper to make flowers, then cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of a large "O." Glue the flowers onto it, covering the cardboard. Cut two holes at the top and tie a piece of string through the two holes. Hang up your wreath on the front door of your house to welcome both guests and the warmer weather.
  5. Nature Picture Frame
    Go on a nature hunt, collect small twigs, and use them to create a special picture frame. Use a piece of cardboard as the base and glue on the sticks to make your frame. For a variation—and if you're feeling especially crafty—ditch the cardboard and use colorful string or yarn to weave the sticks together. Use tape to affix a photo in the frame, then hang it over your child's bed.
    Picture frame made from twigs.

With fun crafts like these, your child's imagination and creativity will bloom. Any spring break activities for kids that embrace the colors and beauty of the season will keep your children enthralled when they're off from school!