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Treasure is a curious kitten from the high seas with beautiful red fur. Unlike most kitties, she loves to swim, and she always smells like the freshest sea breeze.

Ariel and Treasure met during a trip aboard Prince Eric's sailing ship. The kitty adored the ocean, but had always dreamed of life in a grand castle.

When the group reached the harbor, the adventurous kitten followed Ariel home. The sea-loving friends have been together ever since!

Pumpkin is a glamorous and elegant puppy who adores the palace lifestyle. She espcially loves attending fancy parties and dancing at royal balls! Whenever this puppy hears music, she can't help but dance.

Cinderella met Pumpkin on a very special evening - it was the princess's first anniversary at the palace.

The precious pup was a surprise from the Prince, and she was the best present a princess could ask for.

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