Project Ideas: Holiday

Be My Valentine Special Delivery

Around Valentine's Day, start a delivery service for distributing Valentine's to students in your school. For a small fee, students can give you their Valentines, or purchase a Valentine, for delivery to friends.

What you might need:

Candy Cane Reindeer

Create candy cane reindeers with special messages to sell in your school for delivery to friends around the holidays.

What you might need:

How to make reindeer:

  1. Purchase all supplies needed (see above)
  2. Glue nose on the end of the candy cane's curved tip
  3. Glue two eyes above the nose (about a half-inch above the nose)
  4. Twist a brown pipe cleaner on top of the candy cane's curve to look like antlers
  5. Tie a ribbon with the message around the neck of the candy cane

Pumpkin Decorating

Host a pumpkin-decorating contest. For a small entry fee, participants receive a pumpkin, paints and entry into the contest.

What you might need: