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Project Ideas: Groups

1. Parents Night Out

Organize an evening to provide babysitting for parents in your community to enjoy a night on the town without the kids. Gather a group of responsible friends to babysit kids in one location and organize fun activities. Parents can drop their kids off and know they are being watched in exchange for a donation to benefit children with cancer.

What you might need:

  • Central location
  • Games/activities appropriate for children
  • Snacks (fruit, pretzels, juice, etc.)
  • Flyers/signs to advertise your "Parents Night Out"

2. Neighborhood Block Party/Carnival

Organize a neighborhood block party in the summer.

What you might need:

  • Location
  • Work with a nearby restaurant, use a nearby park, or contact the city about
  • blocking off your street
  • Food
  • Partner with local businesses to donate food and prizes that can be auctioned
  • Entertainment
  • Recruit friends to do face-painting, dress up like clowns, juggle

3. Benefit Concert

Get talented students or local community members together to perform in a benefit concert. Charge a small admission fee for tickets.

What you might need:

  • Location
  • Chairs for musicians/audience
  • Musicians
  • Signs/flyers announcing concert

4. Benefit Dance

Pick a fun theme (Sock Hop, Eighties Dance, Sweetheart Ball, etc.) and sponsor a dance to raise funds.

What you might need:

  • Location
  • Signs/flyers announcing dance
  • Music (CDs, local musicians)
  • CD player and speakers
  • Decorations (balloons, crepe paper, etc.)
  • Tables and chairs

5. A Project of Your Beary Own

Create your own project that will help raise funds for children with cancer.

What you might need:

  • Sign/flyer to promote activity