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Help and Customer Care: Play


Is it FREE to send Honeycards and play games?
Yes, absolutely FREE
What plugins do I need?

Flash Player

To take advantage of the content on this site such as Invitations, Games, Honeycards, etc.. You will need the FREE Flash Player plugin installed on your computer, available at
If you're unable to see the bouncing red ball to the left of this paragraph then you do not have the Flash Player and will need to download the FREE plugin. If you do have the Flash Player but you're experiencing odd behavior (like buttons not working correctly) in any of the pages that use the Flash Player upgrading the Player may fix the problem.
Tip: Make sure you restart your computer after installing the new Flash Player.

Acrobat Reader

Some of the resources for this web site are in PDF format. To open these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe web site.
How can I print Invitations, Certificates, Cards, Projects, etc.?
The printable projects contain a print button that is generally a RED oval (below) or BLUE circle within the browser window. Clicking the RED or BLUE button will generate the best results for your printable project(s) (note: the print button may not be available to you on every screen). If there is no RED oval print button visible click here to get the Flash Player.

Test if you can print:
If you have the latest Flash Player your printer should print out the text to the right You have successfully printed from Flash!
Use this button in future printing projects... :)

Beary Important:

Make sure you do NOT use the browser print button! It may print, but the results are erratic and not optimal for printable projects.

But, it's still not printing...

If you're using the print button in the web page (the RED oval button) and not the browser?s print button, then the next step is to upgrade your Flash Player: click here to upgrade.

OK, I tried all that and it?s still not printing

If it?s still not printing and you?ve upgraded / reinstalled the flash player, try deleting your browser?s cache and cookies, then restart your computer.
Can I adjust the margins in printable invitations?
Sorry, the margins in the printable invitations are not adjustable and may not line up (work correctly) with perforated paper or similar paper stock.
  • For the postcard size we recommend using plain card stock (if your printer can accept it) and a paper cutter.
  • For the quarter fold size a ruler makes a great straight edge.
How do I Install Screensavers?

PC Version

Click on the Download Me! link and choose Open (OR Run this program from its current location) in the pop-up window, then click OK. Make sure to keep your browser window open while the file is downloading.

When the Installer window appears, click on Install and the screensaver will start automatically! When you want to exit the screensaver, simply click on the Quit button.

Mac Version

Click on the Download Me! link.This should place the install file on your desktop, un-stuff this file and place the new control panel icon in your control panels folder. Next time you restart your computer the screensaver will be activated.
How do I Install Desktops?

PC Version

Click on the desired resolution, wait for image to download then right-click on image and select 'Set as Desktop Background'

Mac Version

Click on the thumbnail of the image you want for your desktop. Once it has finished loading, click on the image with your mouse button and scroll down to "Save this Image As" in the menu. Save it to your hard drive or your desktop. Next, go to your Apple menu in the upper left corner, scroll down to "Control Panels" and choose "Appearance". Click on the "Desktop" tab. Click the "Place Picture..." button on the lower right and select the location where you saved your desktop image and press "Choose." Then, press the "Set Desktop" button in the Appearance menu. Your image will appear on your desktop.

(Note: on Mac OS 8.1, choose "Desktop Patterns" from the control panels instead of "Appearance")