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Help and Customer Care: About Us

About Us Answers

Franchise Information
To learn about international franchise opportunities or to suggest a location for a company owned U.S. store, click here . All of our locations in North America are company owned.
Beary-Newsworthy? email Newsletter
Keep connected to new furry friends and all the fun! Sign up for our email newsletter by clicking here.
How do I subscribe / un-subscribe from your email Newsletter?
To un-subscribe from our email Newsletter click here . On the next page under the ?unsubscribe? header you?ll find a text box to enter your email address. Just type the address you would like to unsubscribe and then click the unsubscribe button. That?s it, you're now unsubscribed.
You may receive a few emails after you?re unsubscribed. Please allow a few days for the unsubscribe process to take effect
How do I change the email address my Newsletter is sent to?
To change the address your Newsletter is sent to click here. On the next page under the header ?To change your email address? you?ll find a text box to enter your old email address. Type your old address in that field and your new address in the "New Email Address" field. Click the "Save Changes" button to confirm the change.