Guests rank Build-A-Party celeBEARations 4 out of 5 stars!

A party at Build-A-Bear Workshop is a pawsome way to celeBEARate with friends for any occasion. Each Guest makes a stuffed animal friend! And now they can continue their friendship adventure at home when they bring it to life online for FREE and get cool virtual stuff at! Parties start at only $10 per Guest. Read on to see what people are saying about Build-A-Party celeBEARations.

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A Cool Party!!

"Thank you Miss Rebecca we had a great time!! We all loved it!!" Written by The McBride's from The Woodlands, TX on 8/13/2010

Fantastic 5th Birthday Party!

"Build a Bear did a fantastic job of our daughter's 5th birthday party. They were organized, fun and it was very, very affordable and an excellent deal for what the kids got. I'd highly recommend it!" Written by Christine from Vancouver, BC on 8/11

Max's 5th Birthday Party

"Thank you Jamie (Build a Bear, Coquitlam Mall BC) for making Max's birthday party so much fun for everyone." Written by Joanne from Coquitlam, BC on 8/10

Excellent place to celebrate a Summer birthday!

"Our hostess Kristina was so full of energy. She kept the children involved and entertained all the time. I can tell she loves children. My daughter and her friends had a great time!!! Thank you" Written by Blanca from Ramsey, NJ on 8/5

Big Bear Hugs

"We had out daughter's birthday party last night at Store #80. The staff was friendly and helpful leading up to the party, answering any questions that I may have had. Tori S. was our Bearthday Party Coordinator and she was exceptional. She kept our group of 8 going, singing all sorts of songs, and just being jovial. What a wonderful experience. Everyone had so much fun, and to see them all (mind you - 4 boys, 4 girls) having the time of their lives was great!As a matter of fact, we had such a great time, I wound up sharing our experience with another couple in the store, telling them all about what a party entails there!Thank you for such a memorable evening. Big bear hugs for Tori!!!Warm regards,Gayle & Neil" Written by Gayle from Elmwood Park, NJ on 8/5


"My daughter turned 8 years old and decided to have her party at Build-A-Bear. This is her favorite store to shop at, we visit this store at least once every two weeks. Through our many visits there, we met our wonderful and fabulous "Party Gal" Sandy, as well as the rest of the great staff. She was so great & all the kids loved her, (all 14 of them) especially my son and daughter. Sandy was very kind, funny and very patient she really did a great job with all the kids. So many parents called me to thank us for having such a wonderful party! All the kids were so proud and happy with their new bears, of course, none as happier than my daughter. Thank You for having such a wonderful staff at the Deptford Mall Store - Deptford New Jersey." Written by Denise from Philadelphia, PA on 8/4

Fantastic venue for a 10 year old

"We had a build a bear party on the 3rd August 2010 in the Liverpool One store. Lorna, our party host, was fabulous and kept the girls entertained the whole time. Would definately recommend it for a fun filled time" Written by Jeanette from Liverpool, on 8/4

Good party, just didnt stick to price point

"I had my daughters 3rd birthday party at the vancouver mall location and the host was very good. She made sure to make it fun for the 12 kids, and keep the attention on the Birthday girl. My one problem with the party was that I had a 12$ budget for each kid and they said I wouldnt have to worry about it, that they would steer the kids just to their price limit. However, 4 kids picked out animals that were above 15-22$ and then just billed me without asking or anything. It wasn't a huge deal, but I had a budget and was already over it because of two siblings coming that weren't expected. Every little bit counts these days." Written by Lynn from 98662, WA on 8/3

Beary Fun!

"My five year old daughter had her birthday party at Build a Bear in Raleigh last month. The leaders were wonderful and all the kids had such a great time! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!" Written by Laurel from Apex, NC on 8/2


"That was woonderrful, i had a great time in my birthday. I had a party in build-a-bear when i was 6-years-old at Downtown at Disney. And now i am 10-years-old and i had a party at build a bear in cielo vista mall in el paso texas. i had a superr great time my mom did it she bought the one of 25- 26and now i have 3 furry friends! I recomend it a lot!!!!!*****" Written by Elizabeth from Upland, CA on 8/1

8th Birthday Celebration

"The "birthday" party is a bit different from conventional parties, but the kids had fun! I was a bit disappointed that they did not offer a place that can support food or cake for the kids. We all know that they will want cake at a birthday, right? Kids had to walk down to the food court to have food and cake, which was a bit difficult. All in all the kids had fun at the party but when it came to cake and food, it was not as fun!" Written by Amanda from Houston, TX on 7/29

no so happy birthday

"We had my son's birthday at Build a Bear. It was crazy and unorganized, the employees were rude to the children, there was absolutely NO focus put on my son for his birthday, and then it took them nearly 20 minutes to settle my bill at the end (all while my son, my family and his friends were off celebrating...which I missed) Absolutely ridiculous. Party cost me $400...a giant waste of money. Not only would I never EVER do that again, I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. I've never been so annoyed with a party location." Written by Jessica from Douglasville, GA on 7/28

Amazing 1st birthday party

"We went to Build-a-Bear for my son's first birthday, we wanted to do something really special since we almost lost him when he was a new born....we couldn't have pick a better place!!!! The kids and the parents had a blast......the staff were amazing!!!! Our little man and his guests are crazy about their new furry friends. It was a huge success...thank you to Build-a-Bear!!!!" Written by Anne from Mississauga, ON on 7/28

Sofia's 3rd B-day Celebration

"Everyone had a blast at Downtown Disney. Lauren was very sweet, accomodating and was ready to meet all our party needs. Thanks for making it such a memorable event!!" Written by Karina from Downey, CA on 7/26


"My daughter and her friend had a joint 7th birthday party and both them and their friends had a fantastic time. The party host was wonderful too! Will definatley consider another party at build-a-bear." Written by Sarah from West Midlands, on 7/25

Not a party at all

"We recently had a party for our youngest son's 6th birthday. My husband brought in the cupcakes and gifts and the worker took them to the back room. After making the bears when we got ready for cake and presents, we were told to take them down to the mall's foodcourt and push some tables together. I've never heard of a place hosting a party and not allowing guest to have food and gifts in the party. We had to walk all 13 children with only three adults down to the mall foodcourt, push together some tables and in the craziness make sure nobody took off. Being a foodcourt it was very noisy and the kids got overwhelmed. We couldn't do presents due to the area and ended up just leaving and nobody got to see him open the gifts." Written by Jessica from South Portland, ME on 7/25

Well Worth the Money!

"My daughter and eight guests had a fantastic time celebrating her 6th birthday. It was well organised and Nicky and Katie were brilliant hosts, especially with one child who was over enthusiastic and tried to take over the party. It was lots of fun and everybody had a great time.Many thanks to all at BABW, The Mall, Cribbs Causeway!" Written by Michelle from Bristol, on 7/25

The best!

"The party was everything that my 6 year old wanted it to be, everyone had smiling faces, it was loads of fun and Emily the party leader was brilliant!Worth every penny!" Written by Kathryn from Cribbs causeway Bristol, on 7/23

Great party

"My daughter turned five and wanted a Build-A-Bear with a few friends. We wound up having ten little girls, most of which were also five. The only thing that could have made the party better was if there were two people stuffing the animals. That part got a little slow and the girls were becoming a restless. A party room would also be nice." Written by Amie from Chattanooga, TN on 7/20

Great Birthday Party

"I had never even walked into a Build-A-Bear until the afternoon that I came in with five kids, hoping to do "a little something" for my daughter's birthday. On the spot, Bethany gave me a coordinator (Chris) and asked me my budget. Within my budget ($20 per child), she gave me several bear options, then came back to offer more choices, and a free upgrade that decked out the animals with clothes and shoes! Chris kept the kids involved and happy through the whole process, playing games while they took turns stuffing and "washing" the bears. His upbeat attitude was apparent throughout the party. I was amazed when I found out that they won't take tips. Although a Build-a-Bear party would be rather pricey for a large number of children, I thought that the value per child was great. And my kids love their bears!" Written by Lisa from Tallahassee, FL on 7/20


"Furbulous it was great everybody had fun i had a build a bear party for my tenth birthday i had extra spending money and got alot it was so much fun i recomend it and want to do it again and i might." Written by deanna from san bernardino, CA on 7/14

An Awsome party

"The party was amazing my twins had a great time. The girl helping us was fantastic. I recommend this place to everyone for every party" Written by Carol from pheonix, AZ on 7/10


"when i turned 8 I had a birthday party at build a bear! Probably my funnest party ever! I'm going into 7th grade and i will turn 13! I want to have my party at build a bear again! Can you believe it a 13 year old having a build a bear party!" Written by Rachel from austin, TX on 7/10

Best Birthday Party I have ever been to

"I went to a Build-a-Party celeBEARation and I loved it. We played a game called Pass the Bear which is like Hot Potato, and who ever is caught with a bear in their hands when music stops is who gets to stuff their bear next. At one point we got good so we did with our elbows! The staff was friendly, bathrooms clean, and I got the bear I wanted plus the clothes and ribbons I wanted. Plus, we got to personalize our very own birth certificates!" Written by Julianna from Pittsburgh, PA on 7/7

Great Party

"My daughter had a fantastic party at Build-A-Bear in Palm Beach Gardens. The kids were entertained the whole time. Thanks" Written by Brenda from Palm Beach Gardens, FL on 7/6/2010