Outlet 16 in. Vexy

$9.00 $23.00

This famous "Naughty" from the movie The Smurfs 2, will steal your heart! Vexy, one of the popular Smurf plush toys from the movie, makes the perfect personalized gift for a Smurfs fan. Personalize this Vexy Smurf plush toy with clothing and accessories to make the perfect unique gift.


Smurfs™ & ©Peyo 2013 Lic. Lafig B. The Smurfs 2, the Movie © 2013 SPAI/CPII. All Rights Reserved.

This item cannot be purchased unstuffed, nor can stuffing adjustments be made. A sound or scent cannot be placed inside this pre-stuffed item.

Product Details:

  • SKU: 020276
  • Height: 16.0 in
  • Product Weight: 9.0 oz
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Fur Color: Gray

For ages 12 months and up