Fashionista Harajuku Hugs™ Panda


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If fashion is your thing, this Harajuku style stuffed panda gift is perfect for you! The Harajuku Hugs™ stuffed panda comes dressed in a Harajuku Hugs™ Heart Dress, Harajuku Hugs™ Panties, White Ruffle Socks, Black Patent Bow Heels, and a Black Bow Headband. The Harajuku style stuffed panda even comes with her own teddy bear-sized G doll inspired by Harajuku style fashionista, Gwen Stefani.

Harajuku Hugs (hara-ju-koo-hugs) n: a magical and inspiring world of fashion where G and the Harajuku Girls (Love, Angle, Music and Baby) "embrace" the super cute styles found on fashion-loving girls throughout the Harajuku district of Tokyo.

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