Precious in Pink Harajuku Hugs™ Panda

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Harajuku Hugs™ stuffed animals are the pawfect stylish gifts for the fashionista on your list! Dressed in a Harajuku Hugs™ Pink Striped Dress and Bows, and Build-A-Bear Workshop® Fuchsia Bow Flats and Fuchsia Bling Purse, this stuffed panda is perfectly precious! Celebrate birthdays, holidays and special occasions with stylish gifts featuring the fabulous Harajuku Hugs™ line of stuffed animal outfits.

HARAJUKU HUGS (hara-ju-koo huhgs) n: a magical and inspiring world of fashion where G and the Harajuku Girls (Love, Angel, Music and Baby) "embrace" the super cute styles found on fashion-loving girls throughout the Harajuku district of Tokyo.

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