Barbie™ Bear Gift Set

Barbie™ Bear Gift Set


You can be anything with Barbie™ – and this gift set is sure to delight fans and collectors of all ages! Barbie™ Bear comes fully dressed in her signature dress and sparkly heels.

Price includes:

  • Barbie™ Bear
  • Barbie™ Silver Polka Dot Dress
  • Barbie™ Fuchsia Sparkle Heels
  • Multicolor Sparkle Bow Set 4 pc.
  • Barbie™ 5-in-1 Phrases
©2018 Mattel. All Rights Reserved.

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Barbie™ Bear, , hi-res

Barbie™ Bear

SKU: 026028
Sale Price$25.50

In Stock

You can be anything with Barbie™ – and with the adorable Barbie™ Bear, your furry friend can be anything too! For the first time ever, Barbie™ gets the Build-A-Bear treatment with sparkly pink fur and shiny polka dot paw pads. Fans and collectors of all ages can dress Barbie™ Bear in cool fashions, add her 5-in-1 phrases and hit the road with her plush pink convertible! Experience an iconic brand in a whole new way when you make your own Barbie™ Bear! ©2018 Mattel. All Rights Reserved.


Barbie™ Silver Polka Dot Dress, , hi-res

Barbie™ Silver Polka Dot Dress

SKU: 026029
Sale Price$16.00

In Stock

Whether it’s fashion, art, lifestyle or culture, Barbie™ always inspires – and now you can dress your furry friend in this stylish pink dress! This fashionable dress has silver polka dots on the skirt and pink sequins on the top. Plus, the Barbie™ logo is on the waistband! ©2018 Mattel. All Rights Reserved.

Barbie™ Fuchsia Sparkle Heels, , hi-res

Barbie™ Fuchsia Sparkle Heels

SKU: 026030
Sale Price$8.50

In Stock

Step to it and add these sparkly fuchsia heels to your Barbie™ Bear's paws! These glittery shoes are a fun fashion choice for any Barbie™ fan. ©2018 Mattel. All Rights Reserved.

Multicolor Sparkle Bow Set 4 pc., , hi-res

Multicolor Sparkle Bow Set 4 pc.

SKU: 024361
Sale Price$5.00

In Stock

A little flair goes a long way! Give your furry friend all the sparkly hair accessories they need with this four piece set of sequin bows. The set includes a fuchsia, blue, purple and silver bow to help complete any of your furry friends' looks.

Barbie™ 5-in-1 Phrases, , hi-res

Barbie™ 5-in-1 Phrases

SKU: 026032
Sale Price$7.00

In Stock

Are you ready for an adventure? Add these Barbie™ 5-in-1 Phrases to your furry friend and you can hear Barbie's voice whenever you give your Barbie™ Bear a hug! ©2018 Mattel. All Rights Reserved.


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