Color Craze Unicorn Gift Set

Color Craze Unicorn Gift Set

Sale Price$57.00


Rock the rainbow with a gift set they won't forget! With a rainbow shirt and tutu and vibrant high-tops, the adorable Color Craze Unicorn shines bright as can be! This fun gift set is perfect for anyone with a colorful imagination.

Price includes:

  • Color Craze Unicorn
  • Rainbow Hair Don't Care T-Shirt
  • Rainbow Tutu
  • 2 Pair Rainbow High-Tops

  • SKU: 25338_25695_25598_24896

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Color Craze Unicorn, , hi-res

Color Craze Unicorn

SKU: 025338
  • SKU: 025338
  • Eye Color: BLUE
  • Friend Height: 14 in

Go on adventures to faraway lands with the adorable Color Craze Plush Unicorn! With pristine white fur, pink hooves, a rainbow mane and a sparkly horn, this unicorn furry friend is perfect for anyone with a colorful imagination!

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Sale Price$25.50
Rainbow Hair Don't Care T-Shirt, , hi-res

Rainbow Hair Don't Care T-Shirt

SKU: 025695
  • SKU: 025695

Let your furry friend's personality shine bright with this colorful shirt! With an adorable "Rainbow Hair Don't Care" pattern, this fun top is perfect for four-legged furry friends.

In Stock

Sale Price$7.50
Rainbow Tutu, , hi-res

Rainbow Tutu

SKU: 025598
  • SKU: 025598

Twirl in every color of the rainbow with this bright tutu! This rainbow tutu for stuffed animals has colorful tulle layers and is the perfect size for your furry friend.

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Sale Price$8.00
Rainbow High-Tops, , hi-res

Rainbow High-Tops

SKU: 024896
  • SKU: 024896

For a colorful look that never goes out of style, dress your furry friend's paws in these adorable high-top stuffed animal shoes. These rainbow shoes have white soles and purple laces to perfectly complete any look!

In Stock

Sale Price$8.00
Sale Price$57.00

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