Disney Frozen Elsa Inspired Bear Gift Set

Disney Frozen Elsa Inspired Bear Gift Set


Make winter wishes come true with this Disney's Olaf Frozen Adventure gift set! © Disney

Price includes:

  • Disney Frozen Elsa Inspired Bear
  • Disney's Olaf's Frozen Adventure Elsa Dress
  • Disney's Frozen Elsa Wig
  • Silver Sparkle Heels

  • SKU: 25340_25284_22143_20389


Disney Frozen Elsa Inspired Bear, , hi-res

Disney Frozen Elsa Inspired Bear

SKU: 025340
Sale Price$25.50

In Stock

Disney's Elsa Inspired Bear is back and ready for more furry friend fun — just in time for Disney's Olaf's Frozen Adventure! The Elsa Inspired Bear has soft fur that’s a swirly mix of icy blue and snow white colors. She also has her name on one paw pad and the official Disney's Olaf's Frozen Adventure logo on the other. Add Elsa's signature dress to your Disney Frozen collection and relive the magic of Disney's Olaf's Frozen Adventure! © Disney


Disney's Olaf's Frozen Adventure Elsa Dress, , hi-res

Disney's Olaf's Frozen Adventure Elsa Dress

SKU: 025284
Sale Price$18.00

In Stock

For a winter look that will delight any Disney fan, this beautiful dress inspired by the look of Disney's Elsa from Disney's Olaf's Frozen Adventure is the perfect choice! The long grey dress has a white faux fur neckline and a glittery snowflake cape down the back. Dress your favorite furry friend just like Elsa to make a perfect gift! © Disney

Silver Sparkle Heels, , hi-res

Silver Sparkle Heels

SKU: 020389
Sale Price$7.50

In Stock

Teddy bear size high heels have a silver-colored sparkle and cute bow with gem.

Disney's Frozen Elsa Wig, , hi-res

Disney's Frozen Elsa Wig

SKU: 022143
Sale Price$7.50

In Stock

Style your furry friend's hair any way you like with Disney's Frozen Elsa Wig! The teddy bear sized wig transforms the look of your Frozen Plush or any other furry friend, adding fun and flair to their outfit. Give any furry friend hair just like Elsa's platinum blonde look. Create a unique gift for your loved one with this teddy bear size Elsa Wig. © Disney


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