Fairy Bear Deluxe Gift Set

Fairy Bear Deluxe Gift Set


Open the door to a fantasy world of fun with this enchanting gift set! With a twinkling light-up dress and pretty light-up wings, Fairy Bear is all set to spread magical fairy cheer. Plus, the sparkly flats, flower crown and princess wand are fantastical accessories!

Price includes:

  • Fairy Bear
  • Light-Up Fairy Princess Dress
  • Princess Wand
  • Fairy Flower Crown
  • Fairy Sparkle Flats
  • Light-Up Fairy Wings

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Fairy Bear, , hi-res

Fairy Bear

SKU: 025837
Sale Price$24.00

In Stock

With a little imagination and a whole lot of heart, Beary Fairy Friends open the door to a fantasy world of fun! Everywhere they go, Beary Fairy Friends teddy bears find fun ways to be kind — and they grow their magical fairy wings while doing so! Fairy Bear is an enchanting teddy bear with bright pink plush fur, sparkly paw pads and purple fairy wings. Add twinkling light-up wings and outfits to your plush Fairy Bear and let your imagination take flight on the wings of friendship!


Light-Up Fairy Princess Dress, , hi-res

Light-Up Fairy Princess Dress

SKU: 025844
Sale Price$18.00

In Stock

Bring your furry friend's sense of style to life by sprinkling a little fairy magic! This sparkly purple dress for stuffed animals has a special light-up feature that creates a twinkling effect. This sparkly purple dress for stuffed animals has a special light-up feature that creates a twinkling effect. Outfit a furry friend online to make the perfect gift. Free shipping on orders over $45. Make your own stuffed animal online with our Bear Builder or visit a store near you.

Princess Wand, , hi-res

Princess Wand

SKU: 025057
Sale Price$5.00

In Stock

Add a touch of royalty and transform any furry friend into a princess with this cute light-up wand accessory! This colorful wand is the perfect size for your furry friend and makes a magical addition to any princess costume. Push the button on the wand to see the pink star twinkle brightly and hear a magical sound play!

Fairy Flower Crown, , hi-res

Fairy Flower Crown

SKU: 025839
Sale Price$5.00

In Stock

This cute flower crown for stuffed animals is a whimsical way to add a sprinkle of fairy fun to any look!

Fairy Sparkle Flats, , hi-res

Fairy Sparkle Flats

SKU: 025849
Sale Price$7.50

In Stock

Your furry friend can step into a fantasy world of fun while wearing this cute pair of glittery flats for stuffed animals!

Light-Up Fairy Wings, , hi-res

Light-Up Fairy Wings

SKU: 025845
Sale Price$12.00

In Stock

There’s no good deed too small when using your fairy wings to spread kindness to all! Let your imagination take flight with this magical pair of fairy wings for stuffed animals. These twinkling fairy wings light up to match your plush toy's luminous personality!


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