Online Exclusive "You Did It!" Graduation Gift Set

Online Exclusive "You Did It!" Graduation Gift Set


THEY DID IT! If you're BEARY proud of a special graduate and want to let them know how amazing their accomplishments are, try this online exclusive graduation gift set. It's a cuddly reminder of how their hard work has paid off!

Price includes:

  • Online Exclusive Midnight Moon Bear
  • Online Exclusive "You Did It!" T-Shirt
  • Distressed Denim Jeans
  • Black Canvas High-Tops

  • SKU: 24053_26280_24400_21512


Online Exclusive Midnight Moon Bear, , hi-res

Online Exclusive Midnight Moon Bear

SKU: 024053
Sale Price$16.50

In Stock

Blue eyes and soft, dark cuddly fur set this huggable furry friend apart from others. When the sun goes down, this lovable Black Teddy Bear rises and shines! Personalize your Midnight Moon Bear with clothing and accessories to bring out its personality. This adorable bear is only available online.

This item cannot be purchased unstuffed.<


Online Exclusive You Did It Graduation T-Shirt, , hi-res

Online Exclusive You Did It Graduation T-Shirt

SKU: 026280
Sale Price$8.00

In Stock

Hats off to the graduating class! A special furry friend in this cute graduation tee is an unFURgettable way to celebrate all the accomplishments of the special graduate in your life.

Distressed Denim Jeans, , hi-res

Distressed Denim Jeans

SKU: 024400
Sale Price$7.00

In Stock

Your furry friend can make a fashion statement by adding these super cool denim pants to the party! With a fashionably distressed look, these blue jeans for stuffed animals pair perfectly with a wide variety of outfits and look good on any furry friend in your collection.

Black Canvas High-Tops, , hi-res

Black Canvas High-Tops

SKU: 021512
Sale Price$8.00

In Stock

These shoes look great with any outfit! Add a pair of teddy bear size Black Canvas High Tops to your stuffed animal's wardrobe. Order yours online today at Build-A-Bear Workshop.


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