Meet Hookfang
Hookfang and Snoutlout have a...complicated relationship. But, despite their occasional disagreements, they work very well together in combat!
Meet Barf & Belch
Like their trainers Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Barf & Belch spend a lot of time bickering. But, the two will work together when a nice display of destruction is involved!
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Meet Stormfly
Although she’s a Deadly Nadder, Stormfly is actually very playful! She will do anything to protect old and new friends.
RadioJH Presents Audrey learns how to build her very own customized Toothless and Stormfly! Stay 'til the end for a special announcement from Audrey before she flies off!
Meet Toothless
A rare and powerful Night Fury dragon, Toothless is a loyal as he is fast—especially when it comes to his best bud, Hiccup!
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