Glisten and the Merry Mission Movie

Glisten and the Merry Mission Movie
1h 18m
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Glisten and the Merry Mission Movie

Build-A-Bear Workshop presents Glisten and the Merry Mission, a new animated cinematic holiday adventure based on the beloved and best-selling plush line.

When the nice list machine malfunctions just days before Christmas, the elves at Santa’s Workshop realize they face a massive toy shortage! A brave young Elfling named Marzipan must go on a daring adventure to find an elusive magical snow deer named Glisten, who may be the only hope to save the season. But, does Glisten even exist? With the help of some unforgettable friends like Grizzly Da Bear, Marzipan’s adorable husky Luula, and a snow owl that may know more than he lets on... Marzipan will have to defy the odds, follow her heart, and keep believing if she's going to help Santa save Christmas!
Cast: Julia Michaels, Dionne Warwick, Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, Freddie Prinze Jr., Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael Rapaport, Chevy Chase, Leona Lewis
Director: Cory Morrison
Executive Producer: Sharon Price John
Producer: Patrick Hughes
Written by: Sharon Price John
Screenplay: Temple Mathews
Genre: Animated Family/Adventure Film


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