Our Product Safety Standards

Build-A-Bear pay strict attention to product safety standards.

When our Guests bring home furry friends — and their accessories — they can trust that we at Build-A-Bear take safety very seriously and pay strict attention to product safety standards.

All of our products are produced from high-quality materials. Our stuffing is made from a high-grade polyester fiber. Each of our products is tested through an independent, third-party testing lab for compliance with toy safety standards specific to the countries where we have stores, including ASTM/CPSC (US), CPSA (Canada), AS/NZS (Australia), EN71 (Europe), NOM (Mexico) and GB6675/GB5296.5 (China). Before they are shipped from our suppliers, all Build-A-Bear products must have a passing test report on record.

Most of our products — including our furry friends, clothing and many accessories — are produced in Asia, similar to the entire toy industry. Our suppliers are compliant with the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI), CARE (Caring, Awareness, Responsible, Ethical) certification, or comparable designation. These programs promote ethical manufacturing, from fair labor treatment to employee health and safety, in the toy industry worldwide.

Please note: Our toy furniture, strollers, clothing and accessories are designed and made specifically for our furry friends, and should not be used for humans or pets.

Also please note: Our products are manufactured to meet applicable toy safety standards, so they should not be altered or modified.