The Workshop Experience

Guests experiencing the Build-A-Bear Heart Cermony

Let’s Make Some Fun!

Build-A-Bear Workshop means fun for everyone! Here you get to imagine, discover, learn and create in a place that inspires you to make that one special furry friend — and memories that last a lifetime!

What can you look forward to in a Build-A-Bear Workshop? Kids — and kids at heart — will make their way through our hands-on, interactive process and create their very own personalized furry friends. You’ll be greeted by a BEAR BUILDER® associate who will walk you through these seven simple steps:

Choose Me: Pick that special furry friend — from a silly superhero to a sporty mascot and a cheerleading bunny to a snuggly teddy bear.
Hear Me: Add a special sound effect to your furry friend.
Stuff Me: Customize your creation with sounds, scents, stuffing and, of course, our iconic special heart that holds your love and wishes.
Hug Me: Give your furry friend its first hug to make sure it’s stuffed just right.
Dress Me: Turn up the fun with outfits and extras!
Name Me: It’s official once your creation has a birth certificate of its bear-y own!
Take Me Home: Get ready for adventure with your new furry friend!

With a wide variety of furry friends updated regularly with popular looks and fun movie favorites, and hundreds of outfits and accessories to choose from, each Build-A-Bear experience is a new one. Each creation is genuinely one-of-a-kind — right down to a recorded Build-A-Sound message each Guest can record to add their own special message to their furry friend!

And our furry friends aren’t just for the little ones — they make heartfelt, thoughtful gifts for grown-ups, too. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, baby shower or just because, discover why Build-A-Bear Workshop truly is “the most fun you’ll ever make!