Photo of two dogs in an illustrated picture frame

Help teach children about
pet ownership.

At Build-A-Bear, we love pets and want to make sure that Guests of all ages learn how to care for them properly- whether it’s one of our Promise Pets or a real one! That’s why Build-A-Bear and Build-A-Bear Foundation are proud to partner with Petfinder Foundation to add a little more heart to life and teach children the responsibilities of pet ownership!

About Petfinder Foundation

Petfinder Foundation is dedicated to helping organizations save the lives of pets in need by providing thousands of grants to animal shelters and rescue groups, ensuring that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a good home. The grant programs are designed to make homeless pets more adoptable by keeping them happy and healthy, to make sure shelter operations are more sustainable and to aid adoption groups during times of natural or man-made disaster.

Petfinder Foundation’s Youth Human Education grants that teach children about kindness and compassion towards animals are made possible by you – our Build-A-Bear Guests! Join Build-A-Bear Foundation and Petfinder Foundation in educating children about the importance of pet responsibility!

Children giving a dog a bath in a plastic swiming pool

Looking for ways to help?

Now through May 31, you can make a donation in stores or online to support Petfinder Foundation’s local educational outreach programs that teach children about caring for pets. All money collected will go directly to support the national grant program administered by PetFinder Foundation.

2016 Patnership Success

We Heart pets and are dedicated to helping educate children about the importance of pet responsibility -and we can’t do it without YOU! Thanks to your support, Build-A-Bear was able to fund 19 pet education programs across North America in 2016! Check out some of the success stories below:

For more success stories, click here!

Photo of two dogs in an illustrated picture frame