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Beary Fairy Friends

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Learn how our Beary Fairy Friends find their wings!

Find Your Heart, Find Your Wings!

What does it take to become a Beary Fairy Friend?

The fairy woodland of Mystic Glade has been dark for far too long. It’s the wish of every citizen of this enchanted island to learn to fly! They’ll rise above the glades and shine a little light down on their home, empowered to become true Beary Fairy Friends!

But in order to sprout their fine fancy wings, lift off and light up the sky, these strong-minded fairy creatures will have to look inside themselves and find their own inner hero! In helping others just as they would help themselves, these enchanted fairy animals-in-training find their heart, find their wings and learn to fly! They discover that teaching others and helping them out of jams is a true superpower for everyone!

Having discovered their purpose and finding their wings, these illuminated friends get their twinkle on, as their true colors shine brightly. Their wings light the way for other fairies-in-training, as they teach them how to unfurl their wings and fly. They’ll learn that in order to fly, they first have to find their heart and help others.

The Beary Fairy Friends of Mystic Glade come in many shapes and sizes. They take the form of bears, unicorns, leopards, cats and other magical creatures. In Mystic Glade, anyone can become a Beary Fairy Friend. But they all must work together and share the same goal, the same wish: to find their heart and find their wings!

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