Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear - Happy Birthday Stuffed Animals

Birthday Stuffed Animal Gifts

What better way to spread love and cheer on that special someone's birthday than with their own beary special friend? Birthday stuffed animal gifts from Build-A-Bear Workshop are sure to make them smile as these furry friends can come dressed for the occasion with special birthday t-shirts and a beary delicious birthday cupcake they may or may not be willing to share. To make these extra special, add a Personalized Record Your Voice Message or custom embroidery with the Personalized Happy Hugs Teddy. Or add a Birthday Song sound insert that plays every time your stuffed animal gets a hug! Learn about our Count Your Candles birthday offer for Bonus Club Members. When it’s your little one’s birthday month, bring them into a store near you and get the Birthday Treats Bear that costs the age they’re turning! ... [read more]
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