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Make Your Own Fredbird , Saint Louis, MO

Make Your Own Fredbird
405 S Broadway
Saint Louis, MO 63102

Updated Hours

  • Sun, May 24th: Closed
  • Mon, May 25th: Closed
  • Tue, May 26th: Closed
  • Wed, May 27th: Closed
  • Thu, May 28th: Closed
  • Fri, May 29th: Closed
  • Sat, May 30th: Closed

  • Sunday: 11:00AM-6:00PM

  • Monday: 10:00AM-9:00PM

  • Tuesday: 10:00AM-9:00PM

  • Wednesday: 10:00AM-9:00PM

  • Thursday: 10:00AM-9:00PM

  • Friday: 10:00AM-9:00PM

  • Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM

Build-A-Bear Workshop - Make Your Own Fredbird, Saint Louis, MO

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