We want to help you make a furry friend that’s extra special and unique. Our collection of stuffed animal accessories and add-ons allow you to make a personalized stuffed animal that will make memories last a lifetime. Add a special message YOU record with our Personalized Record Your Voice Message. Or, choose from a wide selection of pre-recorded sound inserts and a Heart-Shaped Heartbeat Effect that bring your new furry friend to life! We also have SCENTiments™ to keep your stuffed animal smelling its beary best! Build-A-Bear’s stuffed animal accessory collection also includes beds, stands, skateboards, floral bouquets and more. Of course, Build-A-Bear also offers a wide selection of apparel accessories to fit any stuffed animal's style. Choose from hats, shoes, backpacks, headbands, wristies, sunglasses and more to make your furry friend uniquely yours. No matter what your interests, there is a beary good chance Build-A-Bear has an accessory that’ll be perfect for your furry friend! ... [read more]
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